Two new designs I ‘m working on lately. 



organic necklace

This necklace is one of three that evolved when I experimented with making a cornucopia shaped bead, and a bead to fit inside of it. The inside of the larger bead matches or complements the inside bead. The inner bead is meant to suggest the inside of a shell. Another bead is coiled like a paper bead. I’ll post photos of the others next time. I hope to let this idea of snuggling evolve. 



All these earrings were done with alcohol inks, two pair with translucent clay, and the rest with white. The cross hatched yellow earrings got left out of the picture because they were on my ears! They remind me of the summer gingham dresses of my childhood.


Blue Skies

When you mix two or more colors, sometimes you come upon patterns that look like something that Mother Nature created, and your purpose changes. While I was trying to lighten the blue, this sky scape appeared and I decided to stop and capture it. The first picture shows this, and the second another example from last year.